II Asetel

Non-Fiction in Contemporary Literature & Audiovisual Creation
Granada (Spain) 9-18 September 2020 

Regular registration extended!

Due to requests, we have decided to extend the registration deadline until 6 September 2020

Teaching scenarios

In accordance with the safety measures put in place by the University of Granada to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic during the academic year 2020/21, the Doctoral School will take place in one of the following two scenarios:


One part of the faculty and the students will be on the Granada Campus (UGR) and another part will take part in the school online.

Online (100% e-learning)

In case the health and safety conditions during the proposed dates do not allow in-class interaction.

Language requirements

The seminars and workshops led by guest foreign faculty will be held in English. Students are also expected to deliver a presentation on their current research project in English. All foreign students wishing to enroll in the School must possess a B2 level of both English and Spanish and hold official certificates of the Instituto Cervantes or a language certificate approved by the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Early Bird Deadline

7 August 2020

Regular Deadline

6 September 2020

Social program

Cultural activities in Granada


Young students researching Literary Theory and Comparative Literature or other areas and disciplines related to Literary Studies or Communication-oriented Social Sciences 

Main goals

Providing a high-level international doctoral training course for the network of doctoral programs linked through ASETEL-affiliated faculty.

Providing students with the opportunity of presenting an outline of their dissertation projects and receiving feedback from visiting chairs and tutors from ASETEL and the Granada International Graduate School doctoral programs.

Offering students the possibility of creating their own research networks by expanding their national and international contacts and boosting their academic prospects.

Providing career advice in the areas of literary theory, comparative literature and cultural studies as well as tailor-made publishing and dissemination tips on each doctoral project.


Program outline

Opening plenary conference: José Mª Pozuelo (Univ. Murcia)

9 Sept. In-class.

Seminar (Chair I): Mieke Bal (Univ. Amsterdam)

9-11 Sept. In-class.

Workshop I: La no ficción en la creación literaria. Remedios Zafra (author / UNED)

10-11 Sept. In-class.

Seminar (Chair II): Bill Nichols (San Francisco State Univ.)

14-16 Sept. Online.

Workshop II: La no ficción en la creación documental interactiva: Arnau Gifreu (Univ. Girona)

14-15 Sept. Online.

Plenary conference: Pilar Carrera (Univ. Carlos III de Madrid)

17 Sept. In-class.

Closing conference: Jenaro Talens (Univ. Genève/Valencia)

18 Sept. In-class.


The II Asetel International Summer School program includes two seminars from visiting chairs. This year’s edition will feature Mieke Bal (University of Amsterdam) and Bill Nichols (San Francisco State University).


The II Asetel International Summer School will host workshops by author Remedios Zafra (UNED) and professor Arnau Gifreu (Univ. Girona).

Panels on research methodology

The Summer School includes several panels on research methodology by specialists in the school’s theme area (UGR Doctoral School and ASETEL visiting faculty). The panels include a seminar on “Non-Fiction and Eco-Criticism in the Post-Covid Era” and publishing in journals in the School theme areas.

PhD project presentation sessions and tutorials

In addition, the School will provide group and individual tutorials and PhD project presentation sessions, in which students will receive feedback from the guest faculty.

Social and cultural program

In-class students will have the opportunity of enjoying a rich social and cultural program which includes, among others, a welcome dinner, a guided visit to the Centro García Lorca, a literary walk through the Albaicín and a night tour of the Alhambra.


Mieke Bal

Univ. Amsterdam
Chair I

Bill Nichols

San Francisco State Univ.
Chair II

José Mª Pozuelo

Univ. de Murcia
Opening plenary conference

Remedios Zafra

Author / UNED
Workshop I

Arnau Gifreu

Univ. Girona
Workshop II

Pilar Carrera

Univ. Carlos III
Plenary conference

Jenaro Talens

Univ. Genève/Valencia
Closing conference

José Manuel Marrero Henríquez

Univ. Palmas de Gran Canaria
ASETEL Professor-Tutor

Anxo Abuín

Univ. Santiago de Compostela
ASETEL Professor-Tutor

Ana Casas Janices

Univ. de Alcalá
ASETEL Professor-Tutor

David Roas

Univ. Autónoma de Barcelona
ASETEL Professor-Tutor

Natalia Álvarez

Univ. de León
ASETEL Professor-Tutor

Jordi Alberich-Pascual

Doctoral program in Social Sciences
Professor in the Doctoral School in Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences (UGR)

Ana Sedeño Valdellós

NarTrans2, Univ. de Málaga
ASETEL Professor-Tutor

Mario de la Torre Espinosa

Documentary filmmaker

Francisco Linares Alés

Doctoral program in Social Sciences
Professor in the Doctoral School in Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences (UGR)

Jan Baetens

KU Leuven
ASETEL Professor-Tutor

María José Sánchez

Doctoral program in Languages, Texts and Contexts
Professor in the Doctoral School in Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences (UGR)

Domingo Sánchez-Mesa

Univ. de Granada
ASETEL Professor-Tutor
Professor in the Doctoral School in Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences (UGR)

Scientific committee

Enric Bou (Foscari IT), Geneviève Champeau (Bordeaux), Jan Baetens (KU Leuven), Anxo Abuín (USC), Ana Casas (UAH), José Manuel Marrero Henríquez (ULPGC), Natalia Álvarez (UniLeon), Jordi Alberich (UGR).

Organizing committee

Domingo Sánchez-Mesa (UGR), Anxo Abuín (USC), Ana Casas (UAH), José Manuel Marrero Henríquez (ULPGC), Natalia Álvarez (UniLeon), María José Sánchez Montes (UGR), José M. Ruiz Martínez (UGR), Antonio Alías (UGR), Mario de la Torre (UGR), Tomás Espino (USC), Sarai Adarve (UGR), Andrea Kaiser (UGR), Nieves Rosendo (UGR).   

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